Manually edited items icons are not synchronized on Android.


In 1P4 I had manually edited the icons of around 20 items (Bank Accounts & Credit Cards) and all of them were recognized in 1P7 (Web & Windows) when I made the import from 1P4 to 1P7. However, none is recognized on Android. On Android the icons are all the default icon

In addition, in 1P7 I have manually edited the icons of around 30 additional items (Logins & Software Licenses) that are not recognized in Android. Interestingly, only 2 (Logins) of these 30 additionals items icons are recognized in Android. On Android, the rest of this icons are the default icons like for all the items on Bank Accounts & Credit Cards previously commented.

I have rich icons activated on all devices. I have closed and logged in on Android but with the same result.

That could be happening ?
Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: 7.0.9 on AndroidExtension Version: n/aOS Version: Android 8.1.0 Security Path 2018-11-01Sync Type: 1P7 from{authorlink}