What Happened to All the Widgets

Back in the early years of Android, one of the biggest and best advantages it had over iOS was widgets. Not only could you place them anywhere, but they were generally the best way to quickly get info from an app or trigger an action within an app without ever having to leave your home screen. But now, it seems like app developers are treating widgets like an afterthought, or simply not providing one at all. Sure, there are more weather widgets and calendar widgets available than you could ever imagine, but I’m talking about the types of widgets that should come with some of the most popular apps to help users get access to info and tasks faster and help the developer get more user interaction. For example, my home alarm system can be managed from an app on my phone. So why on earth doesn’t this app have a widget that I can place on my home screen to arm/disarm my alarm with just 1 tap? Why do I still have to open the full app and navigate to the correct menu to perform this basic function? And consider this: Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps ever with nearly 2 billion active users and yet it doesn’t have any widgets, NONE. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I want more Facebook on my phone, I’m just saying that if one of the largest and most popular developers in the app world doesn’t offer a widget, then it comes as no surprise that others don’t either. So what happened? Is it our fault as users for not using the widgets we do have? Did we not demand more from app developers when leaving reviews? Where did it all go so wrong? submitted by /u/DSCarter_Tech [link] [comments]