Oreo update broke bluetooth volume slider. Any solutions or fixes?

Hi, I have a Sinotec (Skyworth) AndroidTV which pretty much has similar CPU and other specs to some of the Sony Android TVs. 2018 model with Android 7 and Google assistant. Anyway, I had my audio hooked up to a logitech bluetooth adapter and its been running fine for the passed 5 months. I noticed an update today and after the update, my volume slider for bluetooth now shows the actual volume as well, but it does not actually do anything.. I can change it from 100 all the way down to 1, no change. If I put it to 0, it mutes the audio. Muting works fine. I tried connecting my Bluetooth earphones, same issue. I factory reset as I thought maybe the BT was just messing around. Same problem. This sucks, now I have to literally get up and go change the volume on my speakers connected to the Logitech BT adapter. Any fixes? I may just end up taking this TV back to the store and asking for a replacement that I will not update. submitted by /u/dupz88 [link] [comments]