[Discussion] Temporary Permissions on Android;

Hi r/Android 🙂 I had this idea when I came across an app named Bouncer, which is a permissions manager app that allows you to give temporary permissions to apps. Unfortunately, it’s quite buggy, and a bit of a hassle when you want to actually grant an app temporary permissions. But it made me begin to wonder how users would feel if Google did this with the next major Android update; I personally would like to see Google add the option to grant apps permissions temporarily into the OS itself. This means that rather than allow or denying an app a certain permission, I would be happy to see “Allow for” followed by time lengths such as ‘x’ minutes, ‘y’ hours, ‘z’ days, or forever. E.g. Instagram doesn’t need to know my location at all times. Only when I want to geotag a picture of mine I’m putting up. So rather than granting the app permission to use location data all the time when I first install it, I would rather it ask me to use location data every time it needs it, and I will gladly give it permission for 5 minutes. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/ThisIsParadise [link] [comments]