Upcoming Devices?

Hi Sub, I’m looking to make the transition to an Android TV. I currently have Chromecast/ built-in devices connected to all the TVs in the house. The reason i’m looking to transition is to eliminate the need to cast content. It was a nice idea at first but started to get a little cumbersome with guests and when we just wanted to grab the remote and launch an app/ show. So far I’ve been reading into the Xiaomi Mi Box S. I have been seeing mixed reviews but it’s the only fairly priced device I saw ($49 at Walmart.com) Does anyone know if any other devices are coming out in the near future? I’ve looked into the Nvidia Shield but I can’t justify the price to swap out all the TVs in the house. I’m not sure on the other brands I’ve seen, Xiaomi is the only one that stuck out to me. I did also look at Roku as an alternative since it does play nice with the Google ecosystem. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! submitted by /u/Beat_G33k [link] [comments]