Looking to root but have some questions

I’ve had my Shield (2015) for about six months now, and have been very happy with it, but I’ve found that there a handful of things I’d like to do, and wondering if rooting would be beneficial. I’m no stranger to rooting and custom ROMs, but I’ve been trying to keep this device as close to stock as I can, since it’s my family’s main TV box, and if something goes wrong with it, I lose the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) very quickly. Mainly, I’d like to gain access to the /data/data and /data/user/0 folders, as that’s where RetroArch apparently stores some of its precious data. I’ve recently grabbed a 1TB external HDD, and am planning on adapting it, but before I do, I want to make sure I have access to as much of the storage as possible. I’d also like to have the ability to remap my Shield Remote buttons, if at all possible. I’m not even sure if this is doable, but I’d love the option. Lastly, will I still be able to get OTA updates from Nvidia? I’m currently on 7.2.2, and have resisted 7.2.3, with the intent or rooting, and hoping I don’t screw anything up. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/drinfernoo [link] [comments]