Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel: In depth performance analysis.

I think this is a topic people have not openly discussed. So I decided to make a single thread to lay out the facts, so at least people can make more informed purchasing decision. I will be objective and fact-based as much as possible. Here is how the 2 phones compare in performance: Frame drop test: Samsung wins. Pixel 3 vs Note9 frame drop test. Could not find any other recent ones. Old tests like this show OG Pixel and S8 (Oreo beta) have near identical frame performance. Touch latency tests: Samsung wins. Pixel 2 vs S10 latency test. At best it’s a tie if we account for the newer Pixels. There’s no video proof to suggest Pixel 3 has lower touch latency, let alone against the OnePlus. Multi-tasking test: Obvious Samsung win due to more RAM, according to any speed test videos. Slightly faster app launch on Note9 vs Pixel 3 as well. Subjective performance reviews: Samsung wins. Far more people have complained about longterm performance on the Pixel 3 than on any of Samsung’s recent flagships. Editors from Android Police, Droid Life, The Verge, founder of APKMirror Artem, and MKBHD all complained about their laggy Pixel performances. Meanwhile all the long term reviews (Android Police, 9to5Google, Hardware Canucks, Geekyranjit, Nick Ackerman, Floss, AndroidCentral) of the Note9 have said performance has been great with no degradation. Verdict Based on the above analysis, it seems Samsung has matched if not exceeded the Pixel in performance many areas. It’s impressive how far Samsung has come a long way from its old days. Hopefully this means Google will take performance more seriously down the road as well. submitted by /u/darkgreyghost [link] [comments]