Need help putting together list of informational/learning apps/video/audio/books for charitable use!

I’ve settled on an idea of doing some social good in this world by buying new/refurbished Android phones (with no phone plan), and pre-loading them up with informational/learning apps, videos, audio, and text books to give to people that can’t afford them and are in need (sending them overseas, or giving out to homeless/less fortunate). I did some research online, and figured I could buy some decent phones with a total of 42GB storage space (on device storage + micro SD card) for about $24 a piece. I wanted to fund this with profits from a entrepreneurial journey I’m looking to do. The only thing they would need would be a power source to charge up every now and then. I’ve been searching to see if anything similar to this idea has been done before, but I’m not able to find any previous projects online yet. ​ I need your help in figuring out what the contents should be on these devices, for example: For individuals that can’t read/write/speak English, what app would help them learn that can be totally offline? Same as the above, but for math other basic skills. ​ I was also thinking about putting in map/GPS apps, books on tape, text books, YouTube videos etc. teaching basic skills, filling up those 42GB of space with as much helpful info that I can think of. Any feedback on educational materials would be helpful as well. ​ Any ideas, feedback, questions, are welcome and appreciated. Also if you can find a cheaper android phone with more storage, that would be great as the phone I found can only accept micro SD cards up to 32GB. submitted by /u/Migs-san [link] [comments]