Android Conversion

Has anybody else here been so invested in the Apple ecosystem, including an iPhone, and then converted to Android? I’m hoping to get some insight on how you went through the transition. I recently decided to purchase a Samsung S10 because it seems like a great phone that takes very nice pictures (especially in low light compared to an iPhone). So now I have my iPhone X and my new Samsung S10 and I’m balancing the two. As far as a phone goes, I’m loving the S10. I love the customization you can do with the phone (although there are some annoyances too especially when it comes to how refined I feel iOS is compared to Android). My biggest issue is that my whole family and partner use iOS and I really feel drawn to Android these days but feel like it’s not going to fit well in my life. I have many other Apple devices as well and everything seems to tie together very well (continuity, picture sharing, iCloud, iMessage). Maybe I’m just grasping at straws though and already know what the answer is… submitted by /u/ConfusedSporks [link] [comments]