Autofilling in settings menus, Android 9

I’m having a few issues/frustrations with 1Password on Android, had these issues on my old Nokia 7 Plus, and now on my Samsung Galaxy S10e, I want to see if this is something that can be solved.

When I’m going into the settings app, then going to protected areas, as biometric and locking screen parts, where I need to enter my designated PIN code to unlock those parts, 1Password first prompts me if I want to autofill with a saved password, after I enter my PIN, then it asks if I want to save it as a password.

I’ll give a video on how this looks, it is one of the few things that keeps me away from switching to Android on fulltime, because many apps aren’t as fluid and polished as on iOS.

Is there any way I can prevent autofill in the settings menu, but still keep it working in other apps?

1Password Version: 7.1.2Extension Version: Not ProvidedOS Version: Android 9 (One UI 1.1)Sync Type: Not Provided