Google Voice Assistant & Kodi (Patch).

So what changed? I haven’t used my Shield in a long time, but I tried this feature out today for about 5 minutes. -I notice that I can’t launch a movie in Kodi from the Shield home screen. I’m greeted with this message: “Kodi is either not installed or can’t be searched.” -If I’m already in Kodi I can voice launch movies. Well, they won’t auto-play, but Google Voice Assistant will locate the movie for me in Kodi. Maybe there’s another way to auto-play the movie via voice in Kodi? “Play x movie” doesn’t work. -I’ve tried this with about 6-7 movies so far and one of them couldn’t be located in Kodi even though it exists in my Kodi library. Kodi will instead load the Google Play movie page. How often does this happen for everyone else? Has anyone tested this Voice Assistant with Kodi extensively yet since the patch? Is there a list of Kodi voice commands that work? Thanks ​ submitted by /u/LifeofMuck [link] [comments]