If phone battery drops, replace battery immediately

Dear reddit I recently read that someone noticed their battery act funny and drop rapidly over the space of a few weeks. It turns out their battery was bloated and potentially dangerous. I realised my phone’s battery had also recently dropped and then noticed a protrusion near the power button but didn’t remember dropping the phone. I got my local phone shop to replace the battery and turns out it had a small hole in it and actually smelt really bad up close. I didn’t notice any of that smell come through my phone before it was opened but scarily I sleep with my phone under my pillow so God forbid what could have happened worst case scenario. I deposited it in Asda (Walmart) battery recycling bin. Please change your battery is you think its acting funny and maybe dont keep it under your pillow like me just in case. Dunno if it was a coincidence but both the phones were redmi note 4 (the one i read about and my own) and both after about 2 years of usage. Never heard anyone else mention something similar and the phone has been great so don’t let this dissuade you from purchasing them, just saying https://imgur.com/gallery/gisCZBY submitted by /u/phoneguymo [link] [comments]