SMB transfers from Android phone to Shield not working

Has anyone managed to get SMB transfers from their phone to the Shield working successfully? With Solid Explorer SMBv1, I get an “unknown error”. With SMBv2, I get “A problem occurred with network communication”. With ES Explorer I get “Login fails” with a java crash error. With FX, I get “a network error occurred communicating with host”. I’m just using a standard Huawei router, no fancy firewalls – I can transfer files via other means (using WebDAV or X-Plore for eg) but it’s pretty inconvenient and unreliable (X-Plore keeps disconnecting me, I have to frequently reconnect and keep the screen on). I’ve double-checked the IP address, username and passwords. I can connect to other FTP servers with no issues. I’m on Android 9.0 on a OnePlus 6 so network connectivity shouldn’t be an issue, so kinda at a loss here. submitted by /u/dextersgenius [link] [comments]