Suggestions for Best Android Gaming Tablet

Hello Amigos!!
At present, so many different brands of Android tablets are launching with the best features. So, I getting confused to choose which one is the best for gaming purposes. Anyone can suggest the better one.

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assistant bot, android studio, understanding the order

Good afternoon.
I want to start learning how to make basic assistant to the device.
Like if the assistant has 3 progress of: 1. Get the input
2. Understand what the device should do.
3. And the output itself.
So, I’m stuck on the second progress, and I don’t know how I should…assistant bot, android studio, understanding the order

OTA-UPDATE /cache/recovery/uncrypt_file (Permission denied)

I’m looking forward to doing an OTA update through an application located as a platform and in the / system / priv-app directory on Android 9 when trying to apply the update. I receive the following error when entering recovery: /cache/recovery/uncrypt_file…OTA-UPDATE /cache/recovery/uncrypt_file (Permission denied)

Something needs to change to Android Q

With the current path it’s going down, many of the things that make Android Android will be lost. If these changes could be reverted in settings, I’d be okay, but it doesn’t seem that Google is planning to do this. At the current rate, many apps will become unusable and we need to get Google to realize we don’t want our features to be taken away. What should we do to get Google to realize this? submitted by /u/westlyroots [link] [comments]

Inbox to Gmail Transition – What a mess!

Life with Inbox Life without Inbox I have been using Inbox for year. Everything is bundled in Inbox. Not everything is labeled in Gmail. This is a major issue to transition. Several years and several thousands of emails now need labels in Gmail when they are otherwise organized in Inbox. Cries in Inbox submitted by /u/grebfar [link] [comments]

Select and copy any text from Recent apps

In Android Q beta you can copy any text that is viewable from recent apps, even text that is not highlightable/selectable while within the app. submitted by /u/whatamidoingthen [link] [comments]