“”weather” widget shows blank temperature

I just bought a ZTE N9137 cell phone. In its setup I decided not to give the Weather widget access to needed permissions. After that stunt with the reporter hanging on for dear life in a hurricane’s gusty winds, only to have someone calmly stroll by behind him, The Weather Channel has…””weather” widget shows blank temperature

New Update

I just received a software update (number 3). It says it fixes some bugs and security issues. Very quick and easy. I didn’t have any problems with it. It was released only a month ago. That’s much faster than the HTC phones I had before.

Mi box S audio

I connected my crown amplifier and my aiwa speakers to my box with 3.5 to rca connector and now when I put for example YouTube on pause, exit and than open it again and press play, the sound is first as a loud boom and than it’s normal, when I just play/pause everything is fine submitted by /u/MAXYMOK [link] [comments]

Pinning Live cricket scores on Google Android

I recently noticed a new feature when searching cricket scores. You get a new option now called “pin live score”. It adds a sticky bubble on your screen with live score. This can be tapped again to see more details which is also a popup window. I think this a neat feature that can let user do other tasks on their phone while keeping updated with live scores. Screenshots submitted by /u/sanju2cool [link] [comments]