Pinning Live cricket scores on Google Android

I recently noticed a new feature when searching cricket scores. You get a new option now called “pin live score”. It adds a sticky bubble on your screen with live score. This can be tapped again to see more details which is also a popup window. I think this a neat feature that can let user do other tasks on their phone while keeping updated with live scores. Screenshots submitted by /u/sanju2cool [link] [comments]

Just an S10+ Review from a Regular Guy

Just got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for the past 5 days, I’m just going to compile things that I like a don’t like about the S10+ What I like about the S10+ Display. What stood out the most was the display, Samsung never failed to make the Display nice 8GB of ram. The 8GB ram was more than sufficient for my daily uses. It has kept all my apps open and where I left off without a refresh. 4100mah battery. Battery life has been the best I’ve gotten in a smartphone. It could last me about 5 – 6 hours of moderate/high CPU demanding Apps and Games. (My brightness was set to Mid, Turned on Wifi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Sync and Dolby Atmos at all times) Headphone jack. I don’t personally use this as I have gotten the new Galaxy buds and they sound really impressive! But still it’s a good feature to have unlike most flagships today which doesn’t have a headphone jack Faster wireless charging. I have yet to test Faster wireless Charging but it’s also a cool feature to have. The weight of the Phone. The weight of the phone is surprisingly light at just 175grams a similar sized phone (iPhone XS Max) has a weight of 208 grams which is a shocking difference. Performance. I have not experience a single lag on the phone (after 5 days) which is really good. I recommend you to optimise your device in device care like Everyday so you get the best performance. Overall design. Samsung no doubt has made one of the most beautiful phones in the market. This phone (S10+) is no exception. Wireless PowerShare. I personally don’t think it is useful unless it’s really an emergency. It kind of wastes your battery. It’s a cool feature to show your friends though. Punch hole display. I personally do not think that the punch hole display is affecting my day to day usage as once you get use to it, it feels like it isn’t there at all. What I don’t like but don’t hate (Basically just software) Selfie camera. The selfie camera blurred my hair on Portrait mode which is kind of weird. The camera quality is also abit too over exposed. Hope Samsung would fix this in an future update Overall camera quality. The overall quality of the camera isn’t as good as expected. Pictures are sometimes over exposed but when it doesn’t it is perfect. (For example using the Scene Optimizer) Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor. It doesn’t recognise my fingerprint sometimes but when it does it really fast. What I hate I can’t find a single thing to hate about the S10+, overall it’s just a great phone! submitted by /u/GamerAstro [link] [comments]


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Redmi 4 Pro – OS (6.0)
Vivo 1609 – OS (7.1.2)

AndEngine – BaseGameSupportFragment

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Moto x(4) – OS (9.0)

Are multi-finger gestures/swipes still a thing?

I apologize in advance if this question is either frequently asked or the answer is blatantly obvious but I really haven’t had much luck getting a straight answer by looking this up. ​ I used to have a Galaxy S6 that I had multi-finger gestures on. For example, one of the most useful shortcuts I had set was for my phone to lock and go to sleep when I spread three fingers out on the screen and it would do this regardless of what app was active on the screen. ​ I currently have a Pixel 2XL which I’ve been quite happy with for the past year or so but recently, I’ve been missing that functionality of just being able to swipe my phone to sleep. If I’m honest, it’s because I check my phone from time to time at work and I don’t like my co-workers being able to see that my phone is unlocked or is open to any apps/texts. Ideally, I would be able to just lock my phone by swiping it with three fingers as trying to press/fumble for the power button feels much less conspicuous. ​ I don’t remember what launcher I used to use to enable multi-finger gestures and upon looking up what apps add this functionality, most seem to just be weird iPhone X UI copies or seem incredibly clunky. Some really promising options I’ve found online have also been taken off the Play Store so I’m stuck at a bit of a dead end here. ​ I know this is a VERY low-stakes problem but nonetheless, I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction here. submitted by /u/Imlakaflocka [link] [comments]