so i did a thing this morning…. new galaxy s10+. bye iphone x.

long time apple fan…. have been for decades now. ive had an iphone since launch day of the very first one. last year, apples lack of a new mac pro, and complete and total screwjob of their new laptops sent me in another direction, and i built my own workstation for the first time in 10 years. my threadripper system is now my primary computer. a month or two ago, after getting frustraated again with apples crap integration with windows, and having to have my iphone x (which is barely a year old) have its battery fail again… i decided it was time to cut the cord, and get out of the apple ecosystem. the pricing on the new XS is just insane (i didnt buy my X, it was a gift) i was about to pull the trigger on a note 9, but after hearing the rumors, i decided to wait for the galaxy s10 launch… and really glad i did. my new s10+ is absolutely amazing. the level of customization is just jaw dropping. the level of choices on EVERYTHING is just… well… its a brand new world. glad i got out of that ecosystem. while i do miss a few things, im quickly learning my way around and enjoying every second of my new found freedom. submitted by /u/Microdoted [link] [comments]

Schematics, diagram anyone?

I’m going to attempt power testing with a multimeter but would like to know the diagram or schematic of the circuitry. Nvidia told me they do not provide schematics or diagrams for their hardware!! There’s got to be an issue somewhere with the power, because the fan does not run at all and I touch it for one second it lights up green then goes right off. Tried about 20 different things already including SSD swap. submitted by /u/trvbone [link] [comments]


Helo whit launcher can i yus the best for my Nokia 6.1.2018 I have tried many launcher but the cost many memory and battery i have Just traid a Windows launcher but I am not sure if this launcher update is. Which launcher is good and which not can you please tell me. I am shursing .

What is Your Favorite Android Version?

For me, it was Android KitKat – specifically, version 4.4.3 as it came with a built in permissions manager that was disabled in 4.4.4. Top 3 reasons: This is the last time the Notification Ticker was enabled in Android. Best way to get notifications without disrupting your current task. Lock screen widgets. The ability to access info without unlocking your device was super useful. Holo theme/design – although it was toned WAY down by then, it still looked so much more attractive than material design does now. Please share your favorite version and top 3 reasons! submitted by /u/DSCarter_Tech [link] [comments]

[DEV] ‘Mars Eyes’ Android Application (Mars Rovers’ Photos)

Greetings, ​ I have developed my first Android application, from which you can choose a certain Mars Rover (out of 3 currently in existence), then a certain calendar date and voila: all the photos taken on Mars by that specific Rover on that specific date, taken directly from the NASA database. The app is not yet in its final form, for example some dates do not display any photos because of some inconsistency in the provided data. Fixes are on the way, including changes regarding the layout and colors used. Let me know what you think: ​ App Link: ​ Thank you! submitted by /u/sarrusftw [link] [comments]

LG were so close this year

The G8 is undoubtedly the most innovative flagship to be released in Q1. They, however let themselves down by opting for a notch — seen as a dated design concept — rather than going for a hole punch. Had they have got the design language right and gone for the hole punch, the criticisms regarding their design would’ve been subjective. Also, without platform support their hands-free system, it’s likely to be remembered as a gimmick. It’s a shame, as it’s something exciting to play with and the screen sound thing is very likely to be in every phone in a year or two. submitted by /u/sabret00the [link] [comments]

I made a Free simple and clean to-do app, it’s called Let’s go check it out!

Hey! I’m the developer of Let’s, a new take on to-do lists. I was getting tired of either bland/cluttered looking UI’s or just plain boring to-do apps, so I made my own! I worked on this for the last couple of months in my spare time so any feedback would really be appreciated. All you have to do to complete a task is Swipe! The more tasks you complete the more you win points which win you trophies! I also made it so you can only put 5 tasks at a time, letting you focus on what really need to get done. I personally use it everyday and I know it can sound a bit subjective but it has really helped me remember and get things done. I really hope it does the same for you 🙂 thanks for taking the time to read this, get it here : submitted by /u/WOLF270 [link] [comments]