Netflix has cleanest looking app on Pixel 2 XL

Have you noticed how clean the Netflix app looks on the Pixel 2 XL? It’s my favorite app to look at. The layout is flawless. True full screen. It rounds all four corners with the same background color. It has no lines running across right above the bottom buttons like the Reddit app. It’s deserves a shout-out on that alone. submitted by /u/LooseConcentrate [link] [comments]

PSA: Latest Whatsapp beta appears to be deleting all media messages, don’t update yet

Got the update about 2 hours ago on my Pixel 3, and media from all my conversations has disappeared. Everything still appears to be on the phone’s storage though, so hopefully an update can restore them in their place. If I go into the chat’s options and media the app crashes, unless I’ve sent/received a media message since the update, in which case it just shows the new media. submitted by /u/andyooo [link] [comments]

You know what would be nice?

It would be nice if the Android pie navigation gestures could be scooted to the right a little. (Or the left, I’m not a lefty hater). In any case, just so this post doesn’t become a rant, I wanted to share my home screen and a link to how to get rid of the status bar at the top of your phone. I freaking love my home screen! 😀 This is how I got rid of the status bar at the top submitted by /u/cashmeowsighhabadah [link] [comments]

Vertu is in financial trouble

It seems Vertu is in a bit of trouble. The company reportedly is failing to pay out proper pension bonuses, and even may be refusing to fork over the money owed to the previous owner as a result of a sale. Vertu makes luxury smartphones that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I want my Android 7 lock screen back.

Specifically, I want the lock screen to display both the media control bar and the clock at the same time, not requiring swiping. Spent about an hour on Google to no result.
I’m on the S8 running Android 8.0.0 and Samsung Experience version 9.0
First image is my old J7 running Android 7.1,…I want my Android 7 lock screen back.