Favorite apps you can’t live without?

Do you have any apps that change your phone that you can’t live without? For me its swiftkey, Nova Launcher, and Good Lock (Which I just found out about). What are they and what do they do? submitted by /u/shrekfan46 [link] [comments]

Unpopular opinion: The small screen on the Galaxy Fold isn’t that bad.

I suppose it should be a little bigger, but I don’t think it should be like Huawei Mate X where it’s a huge screen and then a bigger screen. It folds open for a reason, so you can have a bigger screen in a more compact size. The smaller front screen on the Fold makes it easier to use one handed when you’re on the go, and then you can fold it out when you’re ready to relax at home. It also reminds me of the flip phones with the smaller display on the outside. The Fold has some more ground the cover before it’s truly perfect (maybe an S-Pen?), but the small front screen doesn’t bother me. submitted by /u/ChopFricks [link] [comments]

Playing 4k movies on LeEco 55″ 4K TV

Some of the mkv files that are remuxed from UHD Bluray disks dont play on my tv from a usb drive. I also tried with a mibox and it just shows a black screen. is there a media player that will play these videos? submitted by /u/tornaman [link] [comments]

Text via wifi

I have an unlocked v20 on att. It’s my understanding that because I have an unlocked phone wifi calling is not available (there’s nothing in the settings regarding this). And this is needed for texting via wifi, correct? Is there any way to text via wifi? I’m traveling out of the country and…Text via wifi