At wits end – ready to return for apple tv – Device refuses to decode anything in Atmos

I’ve ran into so many issues with this thing it is beyond unreal. I finally thought I solved them after getting a new AVR, except, nothing played on the shield (Vudu, Netflix, Kodi, downloaded .mkv files with Atmos soundtracks) will play in Atmos, despite having troubleshooted everything, tried every option, set up everything correctly – it just won’t decode in atmos, and reverts to Dsur, or sometimes DD+. In fact. I just played Saving Private Ryan on the Vudu app built into my TV, and my AVR displayed Atmos/DD+. Then, I went to Vudu on the shield (their website claims it works with atmos on the shield), and it was coming through in just dd+ (no atmos display). When I play downloaded files that ARE atmos on kodi (which has been set up correctly, with passthrough ,etc), I just get Dsur, no atmos. Same with every app, every file, no matter what. I have everything running into my AVR via hdmi (yamaha rx v685), then connected to my tv (LG b8) via hdmi arc. I thought this could be the issue somehow, but it wouldn’t make sense that the TV apps pass through arc in Atmos, and my blu ray (wired into the AVR same as the shield) plays in atmos, but the shield won’t. I’ve essentially been able to narrow it down to the shield by doing this, and have tried EVERY imaginable option to get it to work and decode atmos, but it won’t. Please tell me someone can fix this, because I much prefer this to my (non 4k) apple tv, but the apple works seamlessly, so I’m about ready to swap out the shield for a device that actually works submitted by /u/MelvisProctacardt [link] [comments]

Erro Android Studio

From night to day my android studio started to give this error, I did not mechi at all, I have the source code, msmo if I extract a new project without even having mechido of this error, before it did not work.
Error: No signature of method:…Erro Android Studio

Planned Obsolescence through Non-replaceable batteries

Android used to mean freedom. We could sit on our high horse and scoff at the silly iphones with their sealed batteries and black-box software. ​ But over the last few years, android phones have quietly been sealing their batteries too in the interest of having a slightly slimmer form. (Waterproof phone backs are possible, and the S5 is only 8mm thick, that is not an excuse.) ​ Unfortunately, Li-Po batteries have a lifespan of only 2-3 years, rendering the phone impractical and necessitating replacement of the entire device, widening the landfills. Batteries can be replaced yourself, but it is technically difficult and comes at the cost of both voiding your warranty and potentially damaging the phone. Manufacturers are incentivizing consumption and waste, and because there’s always a shiny new phone next year, nobody is complaining. submitted by /u/ThePiemaster [link] [comments]

Samsung One UI Now Available on Note8

Hello everyone, I just updated my software to Samsung’s One UI. So far it seems like it has improved but the transitioning between apps doesn’t feel as smooth anymore, however I do like the new Recent Apps interface. I am interested to hear your thoughts on One UI. What are your thoughts on One UI? Is there anything you don’t like or anything you are glad Samsung implemented? submitted by /u/mysterious_king37 [link] [comments]